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Our ecosystem provides digital solutions in the wholesale gift & home decor industry that enhances the B2B sales experience
between Suppliers, Sales Agencies, Retailers, and Market Centers.
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State of the Art 3D Virtual Showrooms

We make showrooms accessible 365 days a year through the use of cutting-edge 3D technology and proprietary customizations.

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Product Information and Digital Asset Management

We build out and manage a database that houses all of your supplier product information, images, and videos, which allows for easy, standardized distribution to all of your channels.

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Brand Ambassador and Staffing Services

We provide reliable market center staffing solutions from sales associates to setup teams.

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Technology Consulting and Implementation

We complete a thorough assessment of your systems, locate your pain points, and help implement programs and services to maximize efficiency within your company.

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about us

“For several years, Dylan Schauben and I have been frustrated by the lack of standards in our industry for organizing and distributing product data, digital assets and other necessary content among our sales partners,” said John Grob, Founder of J. Grob Associates. “We have recognized and taken action to support the need for more affordable tools and technologies to support the changing climate of suppliers, sales agencies, and market centers by creating The Company. In addition to these services, The Company also provides general technology consulting and staffing services.” – John Grob CEO & Co-Founder


Why Select Us?

We understand your needs and provide quality work.
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Year Around Showroom Accessibility
Buyers can navigate through your showroom 365 days a year from any computer, tablet, or mobile device.
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Increased E-Commerce Traffic

Embedded content within your virtual showroom links your customers directly to your B2B website.

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Sales Tools for Sales Reps

The perfect complement for a sales rep is the ability to bring your showroom directly to their customer.

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Attention to Detail
Through everything we do, we carry the belief that the differences are in the details.
The Company, TheCompany.tech
Experienced Industry Professionals
Established by industry veterans with first-hand experience of industry obstacles.
The Company, TheCompany.tech
Systems Agnostic Philosophy
We designed our ecosystem to connect across all industry touch points, which allows for seamless integration and constantly drives innovation.

Our team

John Grob, The Company, The Company.tech

CEO & Co-Founder

Dylan Schauben, The Company, The Company.tech

President & Co-Founder

Harsha Saddanathan, The Company, TheCompany.tech

VP Business Development

Alex Carrier, The Company, The Company.tech

Director of Sales and Staffing


The Company In Detail


3D Virtual Experiences

Using state of the art 3D technology and our proprietary customizations, we are able to create a seamless virtual model of your showroom. Customers can navigate through your showroom 365 days a year, become inspired by your beautifully merchandised displays, interact with embedded videos and highlighted products, and even add items to their shopping cart. In addition, we offer educational webinars and training for your sales teams and staff.
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Product Information And Digital Asset Hygiene & Distribution

We collect, centralize, build out and distribute all of your product information and digital assets. This includes missing fields that are imperative for a strong E-Commerce presence. It is our belief that product information and digital assets should be shared and distributed across all industry touch points. Thanks to our centralized system that will connect into any ERP or E-Commerce site, you will no longer have to worry about empty product fields or missing images.

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Show Setup And Sales Staffing Services

Need help promoting your brand during market?

Our team of experienced Brand Ambassadors are here to help take your customers’ market experience to the next level & promote your brand the way you want. We ensure all of our Brand Ambassadors are  dependable and valuable by performing certified background checks and providing individualized trainings.

Staffing, Brand Ambassador, Temp Staff, Trade Show, The Company, TheCompany.tech

Agency And Vendor Technology Consulting & Implementation Services

We complete a thorough assessment of your systems and locate your pain points. After our assessment, we will provide you with implementable solutions across all of your technological needs.


Our 3D Virtual Portfolio

Click on the images to see full virtual models
Sales Producers, salesproducersinc.com, The Company, TheCompany.tech, International Market Centers, IMC
Anne McGilvray, TheCompany.tech, The Company, Americasmart, IMC, International Market Centers, Dallas
Anne McGilvray, TheCompany.tech, The Company, Americasmart, IMC, International Market Centers, Dallas
Creative Co-Op, Creative COOP, CCOI, J. Grob, John Grob, JGrob, J. Grob Associates, TheCompany.tech, The Company, Americasmart, IMC, International Market Centers
HomArt, Appelman Schauben, The Company, thecompany.tech, AmericasMart, IMC, International Market Centers
Darrah, Darrah & Co., Darrahreps.com, , TheCompany.tech, The Company, Americasmart, IMC, International Market Centers
C.R. Gibson, Appelman Schauben, A&S,, The Company, thecompany.tech, Amerciasmart, IMC, International Market Centers
DII, Design Imports, The Company, thecompany.tech, Amerciasmart, IMC, International Market Centers
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Appelman Schauben

I worked with one of my good export accounts thru the virtual showroom.  They did attend market but when they reached home realized they did not order enough.  Using the video enabled them to basically retrace their market steps and figure out what else they needed to order.  I received an additional $25,000 in orders, Score!

Diana Blackburn
Appelman Schauben-Senior Vice President of Sales

Sales Producers

As I continued with my appointment, I kept the 3D showroom pulled up on my phone. I kept referencing back to it to show how other product lines were displayed and it really helped boost my sales.

Becca Coffey
Sales Producers - Sales Representative

Willow Group

We had a distributor call just to say how cool she thought the tour was and she placed an unexpected order! Customers have been calling asking to order different items from the tour as well.

James Walsh
Willow Group - National Sales Manager

Rubies Home Furnishings

This is the coolest thing ever! This is so helpful for me to show my employees what market is like….and to be able to show them how displays are so inspiring!

Kim Smith
Rubies Home Furnishings

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