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Our ecosystem provides digital solutions in the wholesale gift & home industry that enhance the B2B sales experience between Suppliers, Sales Agencies, Retailers, and Market Centers.
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3D Virtual Showrooms

We make your showroom accessible 365 days a year. Optimize the resources you invest in your showroom to bring the market experience to your customers.

Centralizied Repository
Data Management

We collect, enhance, and manage your database that houses all of your supplier product information, images, and videos.

Energetic & Experienced Brand Ambassadors
Market Staffing Services

We provide you with set up teams, designers, sales associates, brand ambassadors, and tear down teams. Rest assured, we have your market needs covered.

High-Quality, Professional Videos
Professional Videography

We have an experienced team of videographers to capture your product in a way that will intrigue your target customers and boost conversions.

Technology Consulting

We identify your pain points and help implement programs and services to maximize efficiency within your company.

Catalog hotspotting Icon
Catalog Hot-Spotting

Whether online or in person, content is the key to providing a great customer ordering experience. We know it's not always easy to make time to hotspot your digital catalogs, and that's why we're excited to announce this new program!

"Our vision is to bring the industry together. Through the standardization of data, assets, staffing, and consulting, we are ready to fill in the gaps, raise the bar higher, and move the industry forward together." - The Company

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Fusing industry experience with technology and business strategy to accelerate growth and sales

The Company merges industry experience with cutting-edge technology to support the changing marketplace and buyer behavior. 

The industry is shifting and we are here to lead the charge in taking an outdated industry to the next level.

We solve problems for stakeholders. If you are a buyer, a sales agency, market center, or a vendor, our services will revolutionize the way you do business.

“We have recognized inefficiencies in the sales process and taken action to support the need for more affordable tools and technologies to support the changing marketplace and buyer behavior.” John Grob CEO & Co-Founder.

“This has the potential to be the most revolutionary shift in the landscape that the Gift and Home Industry has ever seen!” – Dylan Schauben, President & Co-Founder

Why Select Us?


The Company’s philosophy is that there is at least one solution for every problem. The foundation of our products and services lies in technological innovation designed to save you energy, time, and money. 

The Company is pioneering multiple technologies in the Gift & Home Industry, taking us from surviving to a thriving marketplace! 

We pride ourselves in our fearless approach of taking calculated risks and failing forward. The Company sees the future as, “what if we succeed”, as opposed to “what if we never try, and fail…”


Product data information and digital assets can be shared to any current or future systems. It doesn’t matter what order writing system or website you have, we go above and beyond the recommended fields, giving your stakeholders full access to all product data and digital assets whenever they need it. 

We also syndicate changes and updates for all information to any platform in real time. The Company is striving towards integration with 3D virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and even holographic technologies. 

Implementation Strategies

The Company understands how the changes in the industry can be intimidating, and is here to help you make the transition to better days.

Businesses of all industries are taking the leap of faith from their comfort zone and into the unknown of today’s newer tech programs for maximizing efficiency and time management.

The Company is with you every step of the way for every product and service, from integration to implementation and individualized training. Fusing industry experience with technology and business strategy to accelerate growth and sales. 


Attention to Detail
Attention to Detail

We strongly believe that the keys to success are in the details, and our extreme attention to detail is reflected in everything we do for you and your business! It’s the little things that separate THE Company from other companies. 

We are not just here to sell you a product or service, we are here to help take your business to a whole new level. 

When you succeed, The Company succeeds!

Experienced Industry Professionals
Experienced Industry Professionals

John Grob has been an industry leader and veteran for 40 years. Bringing knowledge, experience and guidance to The Company.

Dylan Schauben has spent 31 years growing up in the industry. The invention of Showroom Solutions, “Brandwise,” taught an 11 year old Dylan that technology can have a positive impact on an industrial level.

This principle is the foundation of what The Company stands for today.

Creating Industry Standards
Creation of Industry Standards

“For several years, Dylan Schauben and I have been frustrated by the lack of standards in our industry for organizing and distributing product data, digital assets and other necessary content among our sales partners,” said Grob.

Standards provide the Gift and Home Industry with a basis of mutual understanding and tools to facilitate communication, commerce, manufacturing and distribution. The lack of industry standards has inspired the creation of The Company. 


Appelman Schauben

I worked with one of my good export accounts thru the virtual showroom.  They did attend market but when they reached home realized they did not order enough.  Using the video enabled them to basically retrace their market steps and figure out what else they needed to order.  I received an additional $25,000 in orders, Score!

Diana Blackburn
Appelman Schauben-Senior Vice President of Sales

Sales Producers

As I continued with my appointment, I kept the 3D showroom pulled up on my phone. I kept referencing back to it to show how other product lines were displayed and it really helped boost my sales.

Becca Coffey
Sales Producers - Sales Representative

Willow Group

We had a distributor call just to say how cool she thought the tour was and she placed an unexpected order! Customers have been calling asking to order different items from the tour as well.

James Walsh
Willow Group - National Sales Manager

Rubies Home Furnishings

This is the coolest thing ever! This is so helpful for me to show my employees what market is like….and to be able to show them how displays are so inspiring!

Kim Smith
Rubies Home Furnishings

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