Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting

Technologically challenged?

Good news! you’re far from alone.

The bad news… you’re falling behind.

Technology is an essential component in just about every aspect of business today.

It’s no secret the right program of modern software could take your business to the next level of operating efficiency, but who can you trust?

The Company, represents 25+ years of first-hand experience with technical obstacles, producing pain-point-shattering solutions for our clients in the Gift and Home Industry.

Unlike most companies, we’re not just here to sell you a service, we’re here to HELP YOU.

When you succeed, The Company succeeds.

Why Select Us?

Thorough audits of your current systems
Thorough Audits of Your Current Systems in Place

Our established veterans complete a thorough assessment of your current systems. Our mission is to gain a deeper understanding of your technical needs, align it with your vision and execute solutions for maximizing ROI.

Identifying painpoints in operating procedures
Identify Pain Points

After your thorough company assessment, we provide you with potential software and hardware based solutions; taking your business to the next level and future proofing your business with technology innovation.

Recognize weaknesses in your company's cyber security:end point protection
Recognize Weaknesses in Cyber Security & End Point Protection

Ransomeware is on the rise; hacker infiltration is at an all time high.  Computers are attacked remotely, resulting in company and personal data that can potentially be held for ransom or blackmail. Having experienced industry security consultants, is more important now, than ever.

Implement new software to increase workflow efficiency
Implement New Software to Increase Workflow Efficiency

The Company walks you through the entire process, from discovering your needs, to implementing new systems, and providing your team with individualized training on these new procedures. If your business isn’t moving forward, it’s falling behind. We refuse that to happen to anyone in our industry.

Showroom network and audio solutions
Showroom Network Optimization and Audio Solutions

The Company provides up-to-date network and cabling solutions, maximizing speed and efficiency. This saves both time and money and is significantly important during show time when thousands of orders are constantly processed simultaneously.

Improve your business's overall performance
Improve your Business's Overall Performance

We develop plans and procedures helping you upgrade your business to the next level of operating efficiency and overall performance. The Company promises to always deliver honest, unbiased suggestions and recommendations to our clients.