Event Staffing

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Event Staffing Services

We provide Gift & Home Markets with only the most qualified and dependable employees for all your showroom staffing needs. 

Our filtering process in staffing quality candidates for all your event needs begins with a full screening of submitted applications, a phone interview, face-to-face Zoom Video call, and finally an in-person final interview.

And most importantly… background checks!

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Showroom Setup Crews
  • Merchandisers 
  • Brand Sales Ambassadors
  • Other Event Staff
Staffing currently available for these locations:
  • Atlanta’s Americasmart
  • Dallas’s Market Center and World Trade Center
  • Las Vegas International Market Center
Although the Gift & Home industry is our specialty, we do not limit this division of our company to outside our trade.

Why Select Us?

Energetic & Experienced Brand Ambassadors
Energetic & Experienced Brand Ambassadors

We go the extra mile to provide top candidates to represent your brand, enticing retailers to visit your showroom.

Skilled Showroom Setup Laborers
Skilled Showroom Setup Laborers

We provide qualified and dependable local employees, ensuring a timely and beautiful showroom buildout.

Professional Merchandisers
Professional Merchandisers

We stand behind our philosophy for attention to detail, providing you with just that. A detailed oriented eye for merchandising.

Last Minute Requests & Backups
Last Minute Requests & Backups

We understand accidents or emergencies can happen, The Company brings you a peace of mind and more focus knowing back-ups and replacements are always ready.

Efficient Time Tracking Technology
Efficient Time Tracking

Our electronic time tracking systems provide precise on the clock management. This ensures constant oversight for our hired staff.

FCRA Compliant Background Checks
FCRA Compliant Background Checks

Through the use of FCRA compliant background checks, we ensure all event staff members are dependable, valuable, and provide the highest quality service from start to finish.